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New transitions contact lenses | Dr. Wyatt Nash-Keller


I wore the new transitions contact lenses by Acuvue for 2 weeks. Here are my thoughts….

The transitions contact lenses very smoothly, to the point where I had to look in a mirror to know if it had actually worked. They are not distracting at all and I did notice slightly less glare than usual. They block 15% of the visible light spectrum even when not outdoors and they block >99% of UV light.
The transitions contact lenses get dark in 30 seconds and go back to clear in 90 seconds. It never gave a dark enough tint for me though, and doesn’t really work in a vehicle, so I found myself still wearing sunglasses outdoors.
I also did not enjoy the added attention they gave me from having blacked out zombie eyes. I just really don’t see myself wearing them past this pair. However, I DO see a place for this lens with athletes and light sensitive people. All that being said, I suspect these lenses won’t do well on the market and will eventually be discontinued like Nike’s lenses were years back.

Video and text belong to Dr. Wyatt Nash-Keller


How does it look in my eyes? Is it getting dark?

Lenses are dimmed when activated by ultraviolet light and/or strong electric light. They are specifically designed to help the patient and minimize changes in the appearance of the eyes. Outside, the response of the lens always changes depending on the lighting conditions, so in most cases the lenses are not in the darkest state.

Does this lens replace sunglasses? Can it be used with sunglasses?

Although these contact lenses provide UV protection against the sunlight, they only cover part of the eyeball and not all of it. On the other hand, sunglasses cover the whole eyeball and the area around the eye such as the eyelids. However the transition contact lenses can be worn with non-prescription sunglasses for extra comfort.

Is the lens activated under internal lighting or only under external UV light?

The lens is activated by ultraviolet light and internal light. Although the lens seems transparent, it works and adapts to different lighting conditions providing the maximum comfort.

Does it work behind the windshield of the car?

No, they will not react to the light coming through the windshield. This is because the windshield cuts out most of the UV radiation coming from the sunlight. In this case you can wear your sunglasses over your transitions contact lenses. While phototropic lenses react to UV light, car windshields block almost 100% of UV light.

Do I need a prescription?

No, you do not need a prescription to wear the new transitions contact lenses.

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